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Results For: MHI No Crush Roller


Product Part # OEM # O.D. Description
2883-M 2883-M 158 MM WI-2883-M NO CRUSH ROLLER MFG 158 MM OD X 78 MM ID X 70 MM WIDE
4000-M 4000-M 337 MM WI-4000 MHI NO CRUSH ROLLER 13.250" OD X 8.625" ID X 2.75" W NO LIP
3636-M 3636-M 3.543" WI-3636 NO CRUSH ROLLER 3.543" OD X 1.750" WIDE W/ 2 SNAP-IN BEARINGS
3434-M 3434-M 3.543" WI-3434 MHI NO CRUSH ROLLER CAST TO ALUM CORE 3.543" OD X 1.968" ID X 1.968" WIDE
3060-M 3060-M 3.543" WI-3060 MHI NO CRUSH ROLLER 3.5433" OD X 1.9685" ID X 1.9685" WIDE
2388-M 2388-M 90 MM WI-2388 MHI NO CRUSH ROLLER 90 MM OD X 50 MM X 50 MM WIDE
2161-M 2161-M 158 MM WI-2161 MHI NO CRUSH ROLLER 158 MM OD X 78 MM ID 70 MM WIDE
2162-M 2162-M 200 MM WI-2162 MHI NO CRUSH ROLLER 200 MM OD X 75 MM ID 50 MM WIDE
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