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Wagner Innovation

                                 1990s                                                 2000s

            Sun Feeders became the “must have” feed system         Corrugator brushes made of carbon fiber fingers
            for Flexo folder gluers and the like. Unfortunately,   were a frequently replaced item. Jam-ups on the
            changing the treads was a time-consuming job.          stacker would result in bent and broken fingers.
            In the ʼ90s, Wagner pioneered a split design, that     Wagner saw the need for a more durable prod-
            allowed for the replacement of wheels without re-      uct, and set out to make brushes with a flexible
            moving the grating and shafts. Now treads can be       urethane spine and spring steel fingers. With this
            changed one or two as needed. This also allowed        design, the flex caused by jam-ups is transferred
            the feeder to run at higher speeds, enabling op-       to the urethane spine. The spine has the ability to
            erators to change treads in minutes. Today, folks      flex and return to its original position millions of
            can change the feed wheels during job set ups          times without damage. Cost-effective and longer
            thanks to the innovators at Wagner Industries.         lasting, this product is Wagner’s innovation of the
                                                                   new millennium.

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