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The Power of...

                             1970s                                                  1980s

         In the ʼ70s an innovative idea resulted in what       In the ʼ80s recovering feed rolls was costly and
         has become the norm today for most no crush           time consuming. Wagner Industries developed
         applications. The difficult task of replacing no      the Quickroll  , a field replaceable feed roll
         crush rollers was eliminated by the Wagner            covering. Once a feed roll was converted to this
         hub-less no crush for snap in bearing. Today our      system, removal of the shaft was no longer re-
         comprehensive inventory of molds and range of         quired. As a result, it was no longer necessary to
         durometers makes us uniquely qualified to sup-        crate and store a spare. Rotating segments kept
         ply you for any application.                          OEM diameter at the center of feed sections. In
                                                               turn, this saved our customers time, money, and
                                                               solved a feed/pull problem with this unique

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