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Our History

                                 CONSISTENCY, RELIABILITY AND INNOVATION

                                Our motivation at Wagner Industries has always been to
                                improve the products and costs for our customers. We have
                                always believed that if we could make a product that lasted
                                longer and performed better than our competitors, our
                                customers would continue to patronize us.

                                We are grateful that this has indeed been the case. Since
                                our founding we have built deep and strong ties with our
                                customers. We humbly thank you for your continued sup-
                                port of our endeavors and remind you that we will continue
                                to strive to serve you better. As always we are prepared to
                                do whatever it takes to satisfy your requirements. You need
                                only ask.

                                                                Thank you for your business.
                                                                     – Wagner Industries, Inc.

                •  6 Starter Drive   •    Frackville, PA 17931   •   1-800-874-1998
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